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  • How to extend the life of CNC Router engraving machineDATE:2015-12-26

    Engraving machine is a very sophisticated CNC equipment, so careful maintenance is very important If you want to extend the life of your CNC engraving machine, it is necessary to elaborate engraving machine maintenance and repair

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  • How Can I Choose a best laser machine?DATE:2015-12-17

    How Can I Choose a best laser machine?Amor laser ask you Three key questions:1 Laser Cutting or Engraving?2 Which materials you working use the laser machine ? 3 Your cnc laser working size?

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  • What is a Laser?DATE:2015-11-01

    LASER means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

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  • Difference between Laser Cutter &Laser EngraverDATE:2015-09-21

    The lens focal length is shorter in the laser engraving machine to give a fine spot size when working on material

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  • How long does it takes to learn to use machinesDATE:2015-09-21

    If you know how to use photo design software, you can be up and running in minutes!

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  • Is the laser machines safe to operateDATE:2015-09-21

    Yes, the laser is completely safe to operate

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  • What support do I get with my MachinesDATE:2015-09-21

    All of our machines come with unlimited, lifetime support

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