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What you need to know of laser power attenuation?

        Analysis and solution of power attenuation of laser equipment

There are many enterprises in the use of a number of years after the use of the laser equipment, the power will appear attenuation of the situation, which is why? In fact, the longer the use of each thing, the power will always be some decline.
Many companies complain attenuation power laser equipment problems, some enterprises to buy is foreign imports of laser equipment, but it is unavoidable under laser equipment power attenuation problems, have a business purchased a from German laser cutting machine, in use after a year could have laser cutting of 2.5 cm in steel plate cutting machine can cut into 2 cm the, which for the vast number of manufacturers bring many effects.
In fact, there are two reasons for the power attenuation of laser equipment:

1 Laser equipment itself is not the quality of clearance.
2 No regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment.

According to expert analysis, the reasons for the decline of the laser power mostly belongs to the latter, many manufacturers buy laser equipment after only know let the machine does not stop the operation, for equipment maintenance and maintenance of this somewhat neglected. So to realize that as long as the device itself is not the problem, as long as the maintenance of equipment maintenance on the laser equipment can be returned to the factory power effect.
But the laser equipment working environment will affect the power, the working environment if a lot of dirty, dust and oil so on laser equipment will cause great influence.
So manufacturers in the discovery of laser equipment power attenuation phenomenon, first of all equipment maintenance and professional maintenance, so that the use of laser equipment can be longer, and the power will be more durable.

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