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What is the caution of CNC Glass engraving machine

                                      CNC Glass engraving machine Caution

CNC Router Glass engraving machine is a precision mechanical equipment, proper use can not only get good results, you can also extend equipment life. When using glass engraving machine to note the following:
1, When the process of using frit-die in early fall will lead to material not accurately into the blank mold can cause mold wall friction is too large to form a crease, so use the process to prevent falling into the glass-shaped mold scrap.

2 Bottles blank mold and poor material into a mold, the density is not enough lead directly after high temperature oxidation too fast, will affect the appearance of the surface of the mold to form small pits.

3, If the mold oily glass engraving machine too poor because of inadequate lubrication can cause mold, drip feed speed of the device will be reduced, affecting the final result.
When CNC glass engraving machine used to pay attention ranks machine machine speed too fast or too slow will bottle uneven, varying sidewall Bohou behavior causes, will produce spots.

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