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Stone engraving machine Notes and Environment

                                Stone engraving machine Notes and Environment

                                              stone engraving equipment
Since the Stone CNC Router for processing material hardness are five or more, so some special precautions.
1.When wiring, in strict accordance with the machine marked an input voltage, if the wrong circuit protection switch will automatically jump out, should be promptly marble engraving machine removed.
2 .To use the machine in strict accordance with manual operation, operate the machine by untrained personnel is prohibited, the new hand operating machine , must under the experienced people pointers.
3.After machine is powered first dry run for some time, XYZ three directions exercise, look at the machine without exceptions.
4. Non-working beyond the machined workpiece size.
5. Don’t touch the machine tool spindle wearing gloves when machine working
6. As the pH of the stone dust is large, so the day after the work is completed, clean the surfaces and rails, periodically lubricate rails and gear.

Winter weather is cold:

Timely clean-up of oil and dirt on Stone engraving equipment .
Suggest that use a brush dipped in oil to guide a full range of refueling monthly,clean    up dust remove the rail and the slider in the garbage.
♦Z-axis screw, each week should conduct a full-oiling with a brush.

Use of the environment:
Marble engraving machine is a relatively high-end engraving equipment, computer-controlled to carving. Despite the simple stone engraver machine operation, but there are certain requirements for the work environment .

Here we take a look at the stone carving machine working environment.
1.When use of Slate engraving machine , to pay attention to avoid the strong electric magnetic, etc. affect the signal transmission equipment.stone cnc router
2.In time to pay attention to the electrical connection has a good grounding, use three-core power, so as to effectively avoid interference.
3.The voltage to ensure stable, so it is best to use the regulator.
4.Stone CNC Router machine work in an environment do not have acid and alkali, to avoid corrosion.

Only to meet the stone engraving machine working environment in order to secure work, to ensure the efficiency and quality of engraving, and to extend the life of the machine

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