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What kind of A computer configuration requirements that connected to CNC Router

What kind of A computer configuration requirements that connected to CNC Router machine

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Control CNC engraving machine ,there are two ways, one is computer-controlled, the other is the handle held control. Both control methods have their own advantages. Computer control is more convenient to operate and run the engraving; The handle control is more concise.
Relatively speaking, now more customers choose to use computer-controlled
So, numerically controlled CNC engraving machine computer configuration requirements? Here to introduce you:

In order to ensure the stable operation of CNC router engraving machine, computer equipment have a certain configuration requirements. Of course, the computer configuration is better. For this reason we recommend the following minimum configuration:
CPU: Pentium (586) or more.
Memory: 1G or more.
Hard disk: 80G or more
Graphics Card: Minimum 1024 * 768, High Color mode
Monitor: 21 "VGA over
CD-ROM: 4x or higher
Motherboard Expansion slot: PCI slot or an ISA slot
Operating system (Windows2000, WindowsXP)

The above configuration is the minimum configuration of the computer now, but this minimum configuration is sufficient to ensure the normal operation of CNC engraver and cutter,random random programming.wood cnc routers

If you are using an older computer, the configuration is less than the above criteria, generally can control CNC Router engraving machine work, but can not used to plot or program ; for better use of CNC Router machine, high performance computer configuration recommended configuration , so it can play a greater performance CNC engraving machines.

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