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How to extend the life of CNC Router engraving machine

                How to extend the life of CNC Router engraving machine

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Engraving machine is a very sophisticated CNC equipment, so careful maintenance is very important. If you want to extend the life of your CNC engraving machine, it is necessary to elaborate engraving machine maintenance and repair.

    1.To keep the CNC engraving machine daily working time less than 10 hours, and use a clean cooling water, and also to maintain the normal operation of the pump, keep the motor never water shortages. To continue to regularly replace the cooling water, this will keep the water temperature is not too high;
In the winter, if the engraving machine work temperature is too low, you can change water into antifreeze.
cnc router engraver machine

    2. Finish using the CNC Router engraving machine every day, Need to clean up the dust on the engraving machine, and lubricate the transmission system to regularly.

    3.Operating the CNC Router machine according to the normal specifications.

    4.After the engraving machine finished work , need to clean working table and equipment in order to avoid losses.

    5.Regular maintenance requirements once a month  the aim is to examine all parts of a machine screw is loose or not, ensure that the machine lubrication and \environmental conditions favorable.
    6.Check the hose that connect the spindle motor and pump,
turn on the pump power, check the pump drainage working properly or not.

7.In order to avoid a power outlet is loose or making poor contact caused by abnormal processing of product obsolescence, choose a good outlet that should have a reliable ground protection.

    Use engraving machine maintenance is standard or not, not only to carving precision of engraving machine, but also to the life of the CNC Router engraving machine, so the user of engraving machine, be sure to develop good operating practices, the best possible extend engraving machine life.

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