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How Can I Choose a best laser machine?

                             How Can I Choose a best laser machine?

                                           How Can I Choose a best laser machine
Laser machines are a highly versatile method of altering the properties of materials - laser cutting, laser engraving, etching, marking etc.
Lasers are the ideal technology for working in a wide range of job types and applications. They can both cut and engrave a wide range of materials, giving you professional products in a few simple steps.

There are three key questions to ask yourself when considering a machine:
1. What is your primary use (cutting, engraving etc.)?
Use the laser machine for engraving ,we offer the lower laser power ,40w-80w .
laser engraver acrylic

If for laser cutting ,high lower is good .like 100w-180w ,For 
laser etching wood ,laser cutter for wood,laser cut acrylics.
mdf laser cut

2. Which materials are you looking to work with?

Our CO2 laser machine systems can cut and engrave / mark a huge range of materials, such as acrylics, woods, fabrics ,stone,paper,and more.
Fiber lasers can work with large/thick metals, pipes and other industrial materials.

3. What size of material do you need to process?
Amor Lasers offer the 
customize machine size .Normally , we offer the laser machine size from 16x12 up to 118x59inch.

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